CCCC 2015 Archives

Both because I want a place to store this all myself and also in the hopes of being of use to others, I’m going to archive some interesting/useful Twitter archives, reviews, materials, and the like here.

Many of these pertain to sessions I wanted to see but missed; you’ll notice that the contents below are very much shaped by own interests.

Note: I will continue to update this post; however, my goal is to be selective, not comprehensive. Patrol the #4C15 hashtag for more!


Wednesday, March 18

Workshop: W.02 “Feminist Workshop: Teaching, Service, and the Material Conditions of Labor”


Thursday, March 19

Keynote/Opening Session


A.28: “Felt Sense 2.0: Writing with the Body in a Digital World”



B.41: “Ambience, Innovation, Invention”

Presentation script by Jason Helms, “Virtual Risk, Actual Innovation: Rickert’s Rhetoric Redefined.”


C.40: “Risks, Rewards, and Speculative Thought”

Presentation slides/notes by Nathaniel Rivers, “Speculative Deliberation: Deciding with Science Fiction


D.37: “Sensory Rhetorics: Bodily Experiences in Ambient Environments”

Presentation slides and (annotated) script by Steph Ceraso, “The Sonic Rhetorics of Audio-Gustatory Experiences.”

Friday, March 20


F.19: “Rhetorics of Risk, Loss, Nostalgia, and Connection in Sonic Composing Practices”



F.33: “#MultimodalFYC: The Peril and Purpose of Multimodality in First-Year Composition”

Blog available here.


F.44: “Risk and Reward within Writing Program Ecologies”



G.12: “The Discourse of ‘Don’t’: The Role Inactivity Plays in Contingent Labor Activism.

Review from Inside Higher Ed.


H.11: “Where We Compose and How We Collaborate: Reports on Research Studies of Composition Practices, Spaces, and Technologies



Saturday, March 21


L.05: “Mutha Werk: The Risk, The Struggle, The Tools of Saving and Honoring Black Women’s Lives”



M.09: “Sound and Ambience: Investigating Thomas Rickert’s Ambient Rhetoric”

Music and Milieu Work in progress from Robert Leston.

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